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The JOMA 6000 is the best way to decrease road marker wear, vibration, noise, and vehicle maintenance while more effectively removing snow and ice with less salt. That sounds like a lot of promises but the Joma 6000 delivers on all of them and on top of all that it is a cost-effective blade system for high-speed plowing.

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JOMA 6000

Joma 6000 Truck

The JOMA 6000 blade is a unique design incorporating tungsten carbide inserts brazed into specially profiled steel segments which are then encased in rubber. The result is dramatically superior life when compared to existing carbide-insert blades. There are numerous other benefits that are sure to increase the availability of your plow and reduce costs related to winter highway maintenance :

  • Dramatic wear life improvement
  • Diminished vibration and noise
  • Reduced operator fatigue due to vibration and noise
  • Improved highway safety due to cleaner roads
  • Reduced sand and salt consumption
  • Decreased highway marking wear
  • Light weight for easy installation
Joma-6000 System

The Revolutionary Joma 6000 System

Rubber Casing
Steel Segments
Carbide Inserts

Longer Wear Life

The fact that there is no metal to metal contact between the blade and the plow allows the blade to absorb shock transmitted from the road surface. This shock-absorbing feature protects the insert from severe impact resulting in longer insert life and therefore longer wear life.


The “JOMA 6000″ is produced in 3′ and 4′ lengths. These lengths can be combined to fit most front-mounted or under-body plows. It is approximately 3/4″ thick and 6″ wide. For maximum oscillation, the mounting bushings are spaced at 12″ centers andt are directly adaptable to any standard highway punched (3,3,12″) plow. For other applications such as 8″ centers, an adapter blade would be required. It would have your plow spacing on the top row of holes and holes spaced at 12” with equal spacing at either end on the bottom. The adapter blade can be an existing steel or carbide blade, or a steel adapter designed specifically for mounting purposes only.

Highway Markings

Another cost-saving feature of the “JOMA 6000” is the compatibility with highway lane markings. The rubber mounting helps to eliminate the chatter or bounce commonly found with a rigid blade. The rigidity of a steel blade combined with chatter contributes to the degradation of road markings. After several years of use in Sweden, the “JOMA 6000” has contributed to a substantial reduction in the cost of maintaining highway markings.

Minimized Vibration

Since the “JOMA 6000” is mounted by means of a Bushed Rubber mounting, there is no metal to metal contact between the blade and the plow. The rubber mount also absorbs most of the vibration that would normally be transferred to the plow and the truck. Vibration is the chief cause of many structural failures and also contributes to operator fatigue. The elimination of most of the vibration is sure to result in reduced maintenance costs and have a positive effect on operator comfort and safety.

Cleaner Roads = Reduced Salt/Sand Consumption

Unlike a rigid steel blade, the “JOMA 6000” will form to the contour of the road. In doing so it cleans the road surface more effectively and therefore may require less salt or sand to be applied. This in itself could save a substantial amount of expense since salt and sand are one of the highest costs incurred by most highways maintenance operations. A cleaner road surface should also add considerably to highway safety, potentially reducing accidents.

Noise Reduction

Noise is another cause of operator fatigue, not to mention the overall effect of noise pollution. Once again the rubber mount utilized by the “JOMA 6000” helps to dampen the sound produced by contact with the road, combined with any plow generated noise. The operator will readily notice this feature along with reduced vibration.

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