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Moley Magnetics is committed to exceeding customer needs featuring a complete inventory of Zanetti electromagnets and accessories including Conventional DC electromagnets, Hydraulic and Battery operated electromagnets. Our world class HSS Titanium Rotating and Non Rotating Mobile Hydraulic Shears are the best value in North America.

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Moley Magnetics ESB magnet

ESB magnet


The ESA line of Hydraulic Magnets are robust heavy duty magnets ideally suited for demolition use or any other application where a quick changing attachment is beneficial.

System Benefits:
  • Ease of Installation complete enclosed system
  • Hook up hydraulic cables and go
  • Allows user to change implements quickly and easily
  • No need to have a machine dedicated to only a magnet.

ESA Hydraulic magnets are designed for demolition and scrap industry or anywhere where the flexibility of attachments is beneficial.

The Generator and pump and controls are mounted on top of the magnet. Installing the magnet is made easy by two quick connections. All that is required is for is connecting the two hydraulic lines, a bleed line, and the lifting chain.

The ESA Generators operate on the bucket or auxiliary Hydraulic Lines. The magnet is controlled with the joystick, auxiliary switch or foot pedal. If installed on a bucket line the return line must be “free flow return line”.


The ESB Line of magnets are great for yards looking to unload trucks and trailers and keep the yard clean. This magnet is the least expensive magnet while still offering a very strong magnetic field.

Available in 26, 32 and 36″ sizes


The ESM line of Conventional Magnets are robust heavy duty magnets manufactured for the rigors of the scrap industry.

System Benefits:
  • Low Maintenance
  • Available from 30” to 63”
  • Lifting capability to 2,200 Lbs
  • Weight design allows for use on lighter machinery


The ESP / ESH line of Magnets are robust heavy duty Deep Wound magnets manufactured for the most rigorous demands of the scrap industry. The ESP is deep wound in a heavier case while the ESH is the strongest most durable magnet we manufacture.

System Benefits:
  • Deep wound for increased field and lifting capacity
  • Low Maintenance
  • Available from 41” to 60”
  • Lifting capability from 2700 plus Lbs