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 Machines Built for the Underground

For over fifty years, BTI has worked to evolve the mining industry through innovative machines built for strenuous environments.  And nothing is more demanding than underground mechanical scaling. The last thing you need is a machine that doesn’t perform or compromises safety on the production line. BTI’s new ScaleBOSS 3D provides both reliability and enhanced safety underground, keeping you ahead of the grade.

 Master Your Machine

BTi’s system continually monitors your machine for improved performance and response. With real-time central monitoring and diagnostics, operator duties are simplified. The system gauges your engine, hydraulics system, traction control, wiring harness, coils, joysticks, sensors, system pressures, fluid levels and temperatures while keeping a log of machine hours, errors, faults, temperatures and pressures.


Operator Comfort

Our ROPS/FOPS certified cabin is fitted for complete operator comfort and safety. Every ScaleBOSS offers BTI’s ergonomic seat with joystick control, HVAC system, safety glass windows with front rock guard and rubber isolators between the cabin and chassis for comfort during tramming and scaling.


Scale BOSS 3D-Specifications

ScaleBoss 3D Scaler Weights & Dimensions
CX8SB Scaling Breaker Specifications
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