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 JAX Snowplow Grease

JAX Snowplow Grease

JAX Snowplow Grease is a heavy-duty water-resistant lubricant that is proven to be the most technically advanced grease for sliding steel-on-steel snowplow applications available on the market today!

JAX Snowplow Grease was developed and tested in conjunction with a number of snowplow OEMs on wing posts of multiple configurations and husting hitches. It was tested in a variety of applications such as runways, freeways, and urban and rural roads. The temperatures range from -30°F in northern Minnesota to slush conditions in the Denver area. JAX Snowplow Grease resolved all the lubrication-related binding and hang-up problem. Snow, slush, salt or water had no detrimental effect on the performance of this product.


  • Stays on for a full plowing shift
  • Eliminates plow sticking and hang-ups due to lubrication
  • Reduces downtime
  • Won’t peel or scrape off in severe cold
  • Won’t wash off in wet snow or slush
  • Won’t absorb water into the texture of grease
Propellant: Butane and Propane
Flash Point: Grease Base Fluid: 396°F (202°C), typical
Pour Point: Grease Base Fluid:, -36°F (-38°C), typical
Spray Pattern: Shotgun Blast
Viscosity: 68 cSt at 40° Base Fluid, typical
Texture: Thick Dark Grease with MoS₂ Graphite Particulates
Appearance: Black Grease
Consistency: Heavy
Specific Gravity: 0.92 for Concentrate, typical


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