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Greenland environmentally safe Hydraulic Oil is a great alternative to standard petroleum based oils.

Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic Fluids

Greenplus Hydraulic Fluid ES has high performance lubrication properties which result in significantly less wear on your equipment’s hydraulic components. Greenplus Hydraulic Fluid ES is not just rapidly biodegradable, operator safe and made from renewable resources but it is also environmentally safe.Greenplus base stock is made from vegetable oils with a very high natural viscosity index. It is extremely resistant to viscosity break-down. Greenplus is compatible with most hydraulic systems and integrated parts. Greenland’s technical team can evaluate system specifications. Greenplus is double filtered to exceed standards of purity.

This is a high performance hydraulic fluid that
  • protects against heat build-up caused by friction
  • protects against rust and wear
  • provides efficient power transfer
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