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Pengo is the largest manufacturer of augers and related wear parts in the world, serving the utility, construction, agriculture, foundation, and major worldwide OEM customers.

Pengo Revolution Series


Revolution Series - See Through
Main Features
  • Large highly efficient gearboxes, designed specifically for long duty cycles.
  • Standard cross-over pressure relief systems to protect the motor from pressure spikes.
  • Two-piece bail housing design allows top section to be removed for easy motor access.
  • Single and Two-speed models do not require drain lines.
  • All models are designed to be outfitted with PENGO’s TruLink torque monitoring system.
  • All two-speed models are equipped with a pressure activated auto shift feature.
  • Accurate torque and speed specifications. PENGO ensures that all torque and speed specifications have maximum efficiencies applied to provide the most accurate specifications possible

*None of the specifications are listed at 100% theoretical values.


Pengo offers a complete drive system for Anchor Installation customers:

  • Drive Mounts: End of Boom, Quick Coupler or Skid Steer
  • Drive Units: Drilling and Anchor units
  • Torque Monitoring System: RevTrak™ digital pressure
    differential monitoring and recording system

Revolution Series Drives


The Revolution Series RS, RT and RV models are designed specifically for the anchor installation industry. The high torque and slow speed configuration is ideal for anchor applications.

  • Larger, more efficient gearboxes
  • Cross-over Pressure Relief System
  • Manual / Chart Holder
  • Removable Top Section
  • New Cooling Option
  • RevTrak Ready Transducer Ports

Pengo RT12

Pengo RT12 Planetary Drive
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