Kennametal Resources

Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. carries cutter bits from Kennametal and Copper Plus tool joint compound as well as torqueless drilling fluids. Our HDD line is forever growing so give us a call for whatever your Horizontal Directional Drilling needs are.

Horizontal Directional Drilling


Kennametal Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

Kennametal cutting tools for directional drilling and
drilling back reamers

  • Specifically designed to protect directional drilling back reamers
  • protect against everyday wear and reduce tool replacement costs
  • solid carbide tip available in four different geometries
  • superior penetration and optimum protection in all cutting conditions
  • designed as shorter versions of standard cutting tools for directional drilling
  • no need to cut off existing longer-style tooling to fit your application
  • weld-on styles are excellent for cutting hard rock
  • provide superior impact strength and long-life performance
Kennametal Cutting Tools

RT1 and RT2 tools

Kennametal BR Tools

BR Tools

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