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DXR 310 is our most powerful remote-controlled demolition robot with a telescopic arm, extending the reach for a flexible set-up. Despite its low weight and compactness it delivers a power of 22 kW, making it ideal for efficient demolition in tough environments.

Husqvarna DXR 310

Demolition Robots

DXR 310

Demolition Robot Husqvarna DXR 310

Husqvarna DXR 310 outriggers are individually controlled and combined with a large footprint provides superior stability which enables high workload. DXR 310 is a versatile machine for both the construction and process industry. Combine it with a variety of tools like hammers or our compact and versatile crushers and steel shearer. For the toughest applications we recommend our additional feature packages. For DXR 310 we offer cylinder protection, enhanced cooling and heat protection. This enables you to work with the machine in high ambient temperatures and with the tool in a high radiation heat. The packages can be ordered as accessories or installed direct from factory.

  • Specifications
    Weight : 2020 kg
  • Reach (up) : 5.5 m
  • Reach (forward) : 5.2 m

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DXR 310 22 kW - 965 99 53-02
DXR 310 22 kW | P1 - 965 99 53-06
DXR 310 22 kW | P2 - 965 99 53-07
DXR 310 22 kW | P3 - 965 99 53-08


Reach (forward) : 5.2 m
Reach (up) : 5.5 m
Product size length : 2594 mm
Product size width : 780 mm
Product size height : 1485 mm
Weight : 2020 kg
Oil capacity : 42 l
Hydraulic oil flow : 75 l/min
Hydraulic pressure, max : 250 bar
Hydraulic pump type : Variable load-sensing axial piston pump


Telescopic arm : Yes
Range of wireless transmission : Up to 100 m
Signal transmission : Radio or cable
Radio : Industrial Bluetooth, class 1


Battery capacity : 2.25 Ah
Battery type : Li-Ion
Hydraulic feature (P1)

Hydraulic feature package (P1)

The Hydraulic feature package (P1) includes one extra hydraulic function for increased precision and control and can be used for axial rotation of grapplers (MG 100/200) or steel shearer (DSS 200). It also enables access to additional tools like vertical mills. To protect against bumps and blows, protection shields for the outer hydraulic cylinder are also included.Compatible with all DXR models.

Enhanced cooling (P2)

Enhanced cooling package (P2)

When the Cooling package (P2) is ordered pre-installed from factory, it holds the same features as the Additional feature package (P1), and also contains a cooling kit.The Cooling package allows your DXR to work continuously with full power in high ambient temperatures, enabling higher productivity in various applications such as cement kilns and steel factories.When the Cooling package is ordered as an after market accessory, it does not include the Additional feature package.Compatible with all DXR models in the 200- and 300-series.

Heat protection package (P3)

Heat protection package (P3)

When the Heat protection package (P3) is ordered pre-installed from factory, it holds all the benefits of the Cooling package (P2) and the Hydraulic feature package (P1), and also contains steel tracks, steel feet, heat protected hydraulic hoses, fire-resistant hydraulic oil and compressed air hose to breaker.The Heat protection package allows your DXR to be used for de-slagging in hot melting plants and similar applications. It protects vital parts from damage caused by radiant heating as well as conduction heating. If you want to work efficiently with DXR in process industry and kilns with high radiation and convection heat – this package is the choice for you.When the Heat protection package is ordered as an after market accessory, it does not include the Cooling package and the Additional feature package nor the fire-resistant hydraulic oil.Compatible with DXR 270, DXR 300 and DXR 310.