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Although Hendrix no longer exists Creighton Rock Drill Limited can still offer you replacement parts. Hendrix manufactured the world’s highest quality line of Dragline Buckets, from the Contractor Series LS, TS, & HS Buckets to the Mining Style MH & MHS Buckets, Hendrix Dragline Buckets are renowned for superior performance and unsurpassed durability. Give us a call so we can get the part you need to keep your series type Hendrix Dragline Bucket working.

Hendrix Dragline Bucket Replacement Parts


Hendrix Dragline Buckets ls

LS Dragline Bucket

Type LS (Lightweight)

A lighter weight, yet rugged bucket designed for levee and drainage work. Comes standard with a cast alloy steel lip with integrated bases.

Hendrix Dragline Buckets TS

TS Dragline Buckets

Type TS (General Purpose)

Perfect for those “in-between” jobs, the TS Bucket is recommended for digging loose formations of clay or gravel and other general-purpose work. Standard equipment includes bottom runners, stub runners, and corner wear plates.

Dragline Buckets HS

HS Dragline Buckets

Type HS (Heavy Duty)

Designed and constructed for the most exacting requirements of heavy-duty operations, the HS Bucket has heavier construction throughout and is armoured for maximum strength and resistance to abrasion.

Hendrix Dragline Buckets SG

SG Dragline Buckets

Sand & Gravel Basket

All Hendrix Contractor Buckets can be configured to use an optional Sand & Gravel Basket which is designed specifically to produce greater loads in underwater sand and gravel operations. The Sand & Gravel Basket features greater capacity built in the rear of the basket where the material is more easily loaded and retained in underwater sand and gravel operations. Perforations are available as small as one inch in diameter. Total bucket weights and rated capabilities are the same as standard types.

All Hendrix Buckets Feature:

  • Lighter Bucket Weights – provides greater capacity without sacrificing strength or durability.
  • All Welded Construction – includes the bucket arch, one-piece hitch plate, and hoist trunnion casting for structural strength and distribution of drag pull.
  • Cast High-Strength, Wear-Resisting Alloy Steel – used for stub runners, corner wear plates, lips with tooth bases, tooth points, body armor, chains, and all other fittings.
  • Perforations – standard on all buckets but all are available without perforations also. Perforation size can be varied according to the needs of your application.
  • Perfect Performance – faster loading, easier handling, cleaner, smoother dumping.