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These Scottish breaker tool steels are simply the best out on the market. They have consistently supplied us with breaker tool steels that live up to their name; they eat rocks for breakfast, lunch and supper because they’re really hungry.

Creighton Rock
Breaker Tool Steels

in the rocks

Creighton Rock Impact Steels are designed and manufactured in Scotland from top quality alloy steel utilizing a special formula of secret ingredients, tons of really cool stuff they don’t want anyone to know about, and if you believe Celtic magic. They are manufactured on CNC machine tools and heat treated to produce the consistent impact strength, hardness, and ductility demanded by the rugged conditions experienced in the construction, mining, quarrying and demolition industries. Creighton Rock Impact Steels are designed for use with all types of excavator mounted heavy duty hydraulic breakers

In a recent test they out performed two leading breaker steel competitors by over 50%, that’s magic!

Creighton Rock Tool

Suitable for

Allied, Atlas Copco, B/D, Berco/SMC, BTI, Caterpillar, Chicago Pneumatic, D & A, DAB, Daemo, Demo, DNB, Esco, Furukawa, Gehl, Hanwoo, Hensley, Huskie, Hyundai, ICP, Indeco, JCB, John Deere, Kent, Komatsu, Krupp, Kubota, Magnum, Melroe-Bobcat, Montabert, MSB, Mustang, New Holland, NPK, Okada, Rammer, Rocktec, Secomec, Soosan, Stanley, Takeucmi, Teledyne, Terminator, Thomas, Tramac, UB, Wimmer

Superior Biting Steel

Superior Quality
  • Warranted
  • Tried and tested internationally
Known For Its
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Convenience
  • High Performance
  • Value for money
  • Wide, comprehensive range
  • Customization in addition to standard range
CE Chisel End CE Chisel End
CP Conical Point CP Conical Point
PP Pyramid Point PP Pyramid Point
BE Blunt End BE Blunt End

All part numbers are composed of 3 sections. The first section starts with a letter followed by 4 or 5 digits indicating the hammer type. The second section is 2 letters indicating the tool end configuration, e.g. CP = Conical Point, CE = Chisel End, PP = Pyramid Point, BE = Blunt End. The third section of the part number indicates the tool length in millimetres.