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Atlas Copco bucket crushers are an innovative answer to crushing requirements on today´s worksites. Using a rig-mounted bucket crusher, all types of inert demolition material can be crushed and re-used on site. This process requires less mechanical equipment, less transportation and dumpsite cost and only one operator who handles the demolition attachment as well as the bucket crusher.

Atlas Copco Bucket Crushers


Black Cat Blades Bucket Crushers
EU demands for 70% recycling quota

The EU directive on waste management sets a recycling quota of 70% for construction and demolition waste by year 2020. Targeted recycling machines and equipment turn mechanised recycling into a fast, cost effective and precision process.

Saves cost

Less transportation or dumpsite cost. Crushed material can be directly re-used on site or sold to third parties. For all types of inert material A bucket crusher can handle all types of inert material such as asphalt, stone and concrete debris as well as mine and quarry material.

Ideal for urban worksites

The use of a traditional crusher is often hindered by its size. Bucket crushers can be an alternative at urban worksites and in confined spaces.

Bucket Crusher Specifications