TUFFSTUDDS Abrasion Protection cost effectively defends equipment against severe wear. While increasing efficiency and service life on equipment for mining, earth moving and related industries.


Superb Abrasion & Wear Protection


TUFFSTUDDS are chromium carbide-laden, wear-resistant alloy studs that are readily applied onto alloy castings or plates. In most applications the applied pattern becomes embedded with mineral debris causing a dead bed effect over 70% of the area. The effect enhances wear protection.

The TUFFSTUDDS Wear Protection System has proven to be an outstanding performer in the roughest environments.

A Reliable Process, Simple To Apply

TUFFSTUDDS are applied using a stud welding system that employs a stud gun powered by a transformer/rectifier with solid state weld timing and amperage control. For field applications requiring maximum portability, an AC generator with a minimum capacity of 85 kW can power the DC welding system. Each TUFFSTUDD takes only 0.6 to 1.2 seconds of arc time to apply. Simply load a TUFFSTUDD and a ceramic arc shield (ferrule) into the stud welding gun, position on the work surface and pull the trigger.

The TUFFSTUDDS Stud Welding Process(Four Steps)

  1. A TUFFSTUDDS is positioned in contact with the work surface.
  2. The operator pulls the welding gun trigger, initiating the welding arc and automatically lifting the stud.
  3. The main welding current melts a portion of the stud and work surface. Within a second, the TUFFSTUDDS is plunged into the molten pool.
  4. The ceramic arc shield (ferrule) retains the molten metal in the weld area for maximum strength and safety, and the TUFFSTUDD is metallurgic-ally bonded to the work surface at the weld interface.

Stud Welding Equipment

The application of TUFFSTUDDS Wear Protection System is safe, reliable and easy using equipment designed for the stud welding process. Our stud welding equipment package is fully featured, and will provide many years of dependable and trouble-free service. Whether in your facility or at the job site it’ll be easy to operate with low maintenance costs.

The TS-1900 is a fully regulated, stud welding power supply available in single or dual gun versions. Rectifier power source is constant current – variable voltage. A setup mode allows adjustment of the desired weld time and current prior welding, which is displayed on the front panel digital meters. A specially designed electronic gun control circuit has been incorporated into the system. If a fault condition occurs as a result of a shorted gun solenoid or a faulty control cable, the circuit will prevent gun re-triggering and eliminate damage to the circuit board. Diesel driven field systems are available upon request.

Heavy Duty Stud Welding Gun is a fits-to-the-hand, semi-automatic heavy duty stud welding tool. It is capable of welding any size TUFFSTUDD. And an easy changeover of chunks, ferrule grips and foot pieces. Included are the standard legs, foot piece and gun cable (whip lead), combo weld/control and ground cables.