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Tri-braze meets the needs of your toughest impact and abrasion resistant work. Tricon Wear Solutions has engineered a balance of heat treated alloying elements and extremely low sulfur. Thus achieving an ideal hardness to toughness ratio. Tri-braze is a standard by which all other impact and abrasion resistant alloy steel are measured.

Tricon Wear Solutions Tri-Braze
  • High hardness for better wear resistance.
  • Balanced alloy steel chemistry for optimum hardness to toughness ratio.
  • Extremely low sulfur content and fine-grain structure.
  • Excellent depth of hardness and high impact resistance.
  • Excellent internal cleanliness (ultrasonically tested when specified on order).
  • Long performance life and less downtime to lower overall maintenance costs.
  • Tri-Braze® plates are available in thicknesses up to 10″, widths up to 120″, and lengths up to 288″.
  • The Tri-Braze chemistry provides excellent weld-ability.

Tri-Braze Dura-Plus


Tri-Braze Dura-Plus is the next step in evolution of abrasion and impact resistant alloy steels. This technology provides a combination of hardness and toughness. As well as form-ability and wear-ability that is unreachable in any other wear plate. 

Tricon Wear Solutions Tri-Braze Dura-Plus
Tri-Braze Dura-Plus
  • Average hardness exceeds 470 BHN.
  • Longest performance life in the industry . Reduces downtime to lower overall maintenance costs.
  • Tri-Braze Dura-Plus chemistry provides excellent weld-ability in field conditions.
  • Balanced alloy steel chemistry for best hardness to toughness ratio.
  • Extremely low sulfur content, fine grain structure, and excellent internal cleanliness . Thus providing the highest impact resistance in the industry.
  • Tri-Braze Dura-Plus chemistry and processing ensures full hardness throughout the plate and avoids the “soft middle” of lesser quality plates.
  • Available in thicknesses up to 3/4 inch, widths up to 120 inches, and lengths up to 240 inches. 



Super-C is a chromium carbide overlay, wear-resistant plate with a mild steel base for weld-ability. Tricon Wear Solutions’ unique cladding process produces a harder, tougher, and more wear-resistant surface. Thus making Super-C superior to any other chromium carbide plate on the market. 
Tricon Wear Solutions Super C Herringbone
Tricon Super C Herringbone
  • Mild steel base plate can be easily welded, bolted, or studded to existing structures.
  • It can be applied to nickel-based, stainless, and other steel substrates.
  • Ideal for severe abrasion and moderate impact applications.
  • Maximum carbide concentration and alignment through the proprietary process makes Super-C the most wear-resistant overlay plate on the market.
  • Consistent hardness and controlled chemistry.
  • Excellent impact, abrasion, corrosion, and heat resistance.
  • Herringbone pattern breaks up flow channels and premature plate wear, regardless of installation direction.



Duracorr is a low cost, 12% chromium, dual – phase stainless steel product. Duracorr grades 50 and 300 are formable, weldable and exhibit good toughness. Duracorr is described by ASTM A1010 and listed in ASTM A240 as UNS designation S41003. The steel may be used in several applications requiring strength and corrosion resistance.

When compared to weathering, painted or galvanized steels, Duracorr 50 has a better life-cycle cost. Therefore making it effective in a wide variety of applications.  Duracorr 300 is produced to a nominal hardness of 300 BHN for applications where both abrasion and corrosion-resistance are required.

flying sparks
Tricon Duracorr
  • Much higher yield strength than Type 304 stainless.
  • Substantially more corrosion-resistant than weathering painted or galvanized steels.
  • High toughness.
  • Excellent form-ability.
  • Good elevated temperature yield strength.
  • Weldable using conventional welding processes (SMAW, GMAW, FCAW).
  • Coefficient of sliding friction comparable to 304 stainless in “polished” surface condition.
  • Complete inventories maintained for prompt service.



Triloy is a quenched and tempered, machine straightened, stress relieved and demagnetized alloy bar. Widely becoming one of the most utilized alloy steel shafting materials in the industry.
Tricon Wear Solutions Triloy
Tricon Triloy
  • High strength and hardness levels allow you to minimize the shafting diameter for your application.
  • Special treatment allows 20-40% faster cutting speeds and increases carbide life when compared to conventional 4340 bar.
  • Post-production stress relief minimizes distortion during machining.
  • Improved fatigue properties provides longer service life.
  • Demagnetized to eliminate chip/dust pick-up in service, increasing bearing and shaft life.
  • Complete inventories maintained for prompt service.