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Black Cat Blades make a full line up of generic road maintenance products. At Creighton Rock Drill, we are known for our unique grading and snow plow parts but you can find standard parts here as well. Please give us a call for a competitive quote on grader or plow blades in carbon, heat-treated, or with carbide.

Snow Plow Parts


Blade Runner
Blade Runner

BladeRunner Extended Wear Life Blades Are Premium Alloy Steel Blades Designed To Extend The Wear Life Of The Edge, Reducing The Need For Blade Changes. These High Strength Blades Will Bolt To Virtually Any Snow Plow Or Motor Grader And Are To Be Used Where The Customer Requires Longer Blade Life But Tungsten Carbide Inserted Blades Are Not Practical. The BladeRunner Will Withstand Impact And Rough Surfaces That Would Normally Fracture Carbide Blades.

BladeRunner Diagram
BladeRunner Diagram

BladeRunner Specifications

Part NumberDescriptionWeightHolesABCDEHS End to 1HS 1 to 2HS 2 to 3Bolt Hole Size
HWW4040” Wing Blade88.6 lbs1939.886.00”0.75”” 2.69”70.0°1.94”2.00”2.00”0.63”
HWW4444” Wing Blade98.1 lbs2143.886.00”0.75”” 2.69”70.0°1.94”2.00”2.00”0.63”
HWW4848” Wing Blade104.2 lbs2347.886.00”0.75”” 2.69”70.0°1.94”2.00”2.00”0.63”
HWG3636” Grader Blade83.9 lbs735.886.00”0.75”” 2.69”70.0°2.94”3.00”6.00” 0.75”
HWG4848” Grader Blade108.7 lbs947.886.00”0.75”” 2.69”70.0°2.94”3.00”6.00” 0.75”
HWP3636” Plow Blade108.6 lbs1735.887.81”0.75”2.50” 50.0°1.94”2.00”2.00”0.63”
HWP4040” Plow Blade120.4 lbs1939.887.81”0.75”2.50” 50.0°1.94”2.00”2.00”0.63”
HWP4444” Plow Blade132.1 lbs2143.887.81”0.75”2.50” 50.0°1.94”2.00”2.00”0.63”
HWP4848” Plow Blade151.2 lbs2347.887.81”0.75”2.50” 50.0°1.94”2.00”2.00”0.63”


Snow Plow Parts
Black Cat Blades Plow Wings SNOW BLADE
WING F (Above),
WING E (Below)


  • Heat Treated or High Carbon Steel.
  • Square Edge Flat.
  • Tungsten Carbide Inserted Edges – Flat or Curved.
    • Various Insert Styles Available.
    • Optional Hardened Shield.
    • Optional Tungsten Carbide or Hard Facing.
  • Wear Strip.
  • Custom Design Available.


Snow Plow Parts
  • Standard or serrated grader cutting edges.
  • Heat treated or high carbon steel grader cutting edges.
  • 6″ (152mm) & 8″ (203mm) Double beveled curved.
  • 5/8″ (15mm) x 6″ (152mm) 20 degrees double beveled curved.
  • 8″ (203mm), 10″ (254mm), 13″ (330mm) & 16″ (406mm) Double beveled flat.
  • Custom design available for grader blades.
  • Overlays & end bits.
  • Moldboard liners & blade support.