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MTG Systems includes the product brands that incorporate MTG’s own fitting systems. Therefore ensuring the highest reliability and the broadest range of innovative designs on the market.

  • The hammerles system MTGtwist tooth-adapter locking solution.
  • Retention preventing tooth loss.
  • For construction, quarries and mining.
  • Excavators from 10 to 400 tonnes and loaders from 9 to 350 tonnes.
  • It protects the bucket, increasing its wear life.
  • The system offers an excellent retention, preventing tooth loss.
  • Improved safety and a reduction in the machine’s downtime.
  • Incorporates the MTG-twist locking solution.
  • Includes shroud, tooth, weld nose, weldable base, and MTGtwist locking system.
  • Greater wear life and optimal penetration.
  • Excellent resistance on the toughest applications.
  • Self-sharpening channel maintains penetration.
  • For light and medium construction.
  • Integrates the pin in the body of the adapter.
  • Long wear life and performance.
  • Robust and resistant system for excavators and loaders.
  • Teeth are always sharp.
  • Tooth adaptable to the caterpillar side pin system with the
    MTGtwist hammerless locking solution.
  • No possibility of impact accidents due to flying metal particles.
  • One person can change the tooth.
  • A broad range of innovative designs for teeth, locking elements and shrouds that are adaptable to the most common systems on the market.
  • Technoloically the most advanced steels.
  • A tooth for each type of application.