DTH Bits

The MC Range of Drill Bit Heads are unique in that they do not use a foot valve on the drill bit. The MC range includes a patented bit retention system that allows for a fully supported bit in the bit chuck. This provides for a much sturdier shank design. Therefore greatly reducing the possibility of drill bit shanking. With more spline engagement than a traditional DTH bit the amount of spline wear is greatly reduced when compared to other traditional drill bits.

Drill Bit Head Design

Mincon Concave Bit Design
Concave Bit

Suitable for most drilling applications, particularly hard, abrasive rock to give a combination of speed and good service.

Mincon Flat Face Bit Design
Flat Face Bit

For general purpose drilling, the flat face design is considered effective in very broken ground as well as hard formations that tend to over drill.

Mincon Convex Bit Design
Convex Bit

The concave bit design is an excellent all around bit. Suitable for soft and hard formations. The cone shaped face design provides good stability during drilling, allowing for straighter holes while reducing equipment vibration. The carbide configuration design gives added penetration in many formations.

Mincon EGR Bit Design
Extra Gauge Support Bit

Providing similar performance to the concave bit design, the Extra Gauge Support is designed to provide excellent gauge row carbide protection in highly abrasive and hard formations. The design also gives added gauge row protection while drilling through rock seams and changes in rock hardness.

Tungsten Carbide Insert Designs

Mincon offers a combination of Insert shapes in each bit to more precisely match the ground conditions to be drilled. A choice of Insert size is offered on some Bits to suit particular rocks.

Mincon Dome

Tough shape for hard abrasive rock and deep hole drilling. For use in all applications.

Mincon Ballistic

Big chip producer. Ideal for less abrasive sedimentary deposits where speed is vital.

Mincon Parabolic

 A combination design to provide increased speed over the Dome design and with greater wear characteristics than Ballistic designs. Less suited to broken ground.

Mincon Conical

 Suitable for sedimentary and broken rock conditions.

Mincon Double Dome
Double Dome

The design combines the toughness of the dome Carbide with an additional smaller dome that gives added wear as well as an increase in penetration rate due to the some what ballistic shape.