BBURG DTH Drill Rigs

Down The Hole (DTH) Surface Drill Rigs

For Drilling In Quarries, Surface Mining And Construction

BBURG DTH Drill Rigs
BBURG DTH Drill Rigs
BBURG DTH HD1500 in quarry
BBURG DTH HD1500 in Quarry

We cover all diameters from 92mm to 219mm. The HD 1500D is designed to run 3,5” to 6” hammers and the HD 1600D copes with up to 8” hammers. An ultra large brake out table with an opening of up to 230mm is an option. This allows the bit to be removed from the hammer on the machine.

A heavy duty rotation unit delivers a peak torque of 8.000Nm. Which is enough to run 140mm diameter drill pipes on the  HD 1600D. 7 + 1 drill pipes on both BBURG DTH Drill Rigs can work on 30m benches. This machine is very easy to clean and service. Because of the unique “walk in” service bay and a swing door mounted radiator.

The HD 1600D is designed to work on unleveled benches as well, it has a track gauge of 2.600mm. This is considerably more than what any similar model that the competition offers. Both DTH models are running a well proven GHH two stage air end. Which delivers up to 30 m³ / 1050cfm and up to 30 bar / 430 psi pressure.

Included is an automated drill tube changing system, a digital drill depth and drill speed indicator. Combined with a spacious silent cab that provides an excellent working environment for the operator.

BBURG DTH Drill Rigs Specification Table

HD 1400D, HD1500D & HD1600D

Drill TypeDown the holeDown the holeDown the hole
Hole Diameter89-127 mm89-172 mm140-219 mm
Hole Diameter3.5″-5″3.5″-6¾5.5″-8.5″
Drill Tube Diameter76/89 mm76, 89, 102, 114, 127 mm102, 114, 127, 140 mm
Rotation Torque4000 Nm5000 Nm8000 Nm
Rotation Speed40-12040-10040-100
Drill Tube Length4250 mm5000 mm5000 mm
Number Of Tubes7+17+1/6+1/5+17+1/6+1/5+1
Drill Depth34m40/35/30 m40/35/30 m
Drill Depth Indicator Digital StandardStandardStandard
2-Axis Drill Angle Indicator OptionOptionOption
3-Axis Drill Angle IndicatorOptionOptionOption
Feed Length8500 mm9540 mm9540 mm
Feed Tilt Left/Right18°-90° or 90°-18° Changeable by relocation of boom swing cylinder18°-90° or 90°-18° Changeable by relocation of boom swing cylinder18°-90° or 90°-18° Changeable by relocation of boom swing cylinder
Arm TypeOne PieceOne PieceOne Piece
Engine ManufacturerVOLVODEUTZDEUTZ
Engine TypeTAD1171VETCD2015TCD2015
Engine Power in kW285360/390480

HD 1400D, HD1500D & HD1600D

Engine RPM185019001950
Emission Rating TIR/EPA 2/3/4TIR/EPA 3/4TIR/EPA 3/4
Compressor TypeRotary Screw, Single StageRotary Screw, Double StageRotary Screw, Double Stage
Air Delivery18 m³ / 635 cfm25 m³ / 880 cfm30 m³ / 1100 cfm
Max. Air Pressure In Bar16 / 23224 / 35030 / 430
Dust AbsorberStandardStandardStandard
HD PrecleanerYesYesYes
Main Cleaner No Of Filters1688
Number Of Speeds222
Travel Speed0 – 4.5 km/h0 – 4.5 km/h0 – 4.5 km/h
Shoe TypeTriple GrouserTriple GrouserTriple Grouser
Shoe Width300 mm400 mm400 mm
Ground Clearance430 mm480 mm480 mm
Max. Gradebility 25°25°25°
Max. Track Oszillation10°10°10°
Hydraulic Tank Volume300 l300 l300 l
Diesel Reservoir600 l900 l1100 l
Dimensions10.00 x 2.520 x 3.40011.150 x 2.500 x 3.45011.150 x 3.050 x 3.450