BBURG Rock Drills Deliver Productivity, Operation Safety And Cost Effectiveness To The Modern Construction And Mining Environment.

Designed and manufactured in Germany – BBURG delivers machines which pass customer’s expectations. They have pride in their technical achievements and they design their machines to the latest industrial standards. While keeping them simple for our customers to run.

With a range of 5 different top hammer machines they cover the construction industry. As well as quarries and mines from 2,5” to 5,5” hole diameter. 2 down the hole machines cover larger quarry and mining applications with 3,5” up to 8,5” hole diameter.

A maintenance focused equipment design that is centered on the hardest uses by customers. Additionally combined with the use of only AAA rated components. Therefore leads to a rock drill which is hard to beat. BBURG’s engineering is customer driven and design focus. This approach gives them the option to personally tailor machines to the specific requirements of each request. 

Drilling Solutions