Foothills Steel Foundry

Foothills Steel Foundry Ltd. has been in the Mining and Aggregate industry for over 60 years. Incorporated in 1947, FSF has a name synonymous with Quality, Reliability and Diversity.

Foothills Steel Foundry


Offering one of North America’s most diverse lines of aggregate crusher liners, Foothills Steel offers liners on a quick turnaround out of back-order, or will provide engineering services to replicate current profiles.

Foothills Steel Liners Gear Racking
Foothills Steel Liners Gear Racking

Castings are offered in the following alloys*:

  • 14% (standard) Manganese.
  • 18% (High Range) Manganese.
  • 21% (Extra Life) Manganese.
  • 24% (Super life) Manganes.

Our industry professionals can recommend the alloy type best served for the region being explored.
*other alloys available on request, depending on size and scope.


Supplied in the mining industry worldwide, FSF supplied P&H Gear Racking has proven to be the “rack of choice” for companies looking for long term solutions to a high capital wear item. Put to the test in some of the hardest shovel applications in the world, FSF Gear Rack is proven time and again to be one of the best available options for the P&H shovel assembly.


Staffed with knowledgeable casting engineers, metallurgists, and full time CAD/3D operators, we can turn your concept into a reality. Taking conceptual drawings to working prototypes are our specialty.

Current Ferrous and non-Ferrous casting lines include:
  • Structural steel equivalents.
  • Ductile Iron.
  • Heat Resistant (HK) alloys.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • High Chrome White Iron.