Monark AS

Monark AS was founded in 1958  with the intention to serve the Norwegian market with high-quality drilling tools, which we did for many years. For the first 13 years, the company focused on the large construction and quarry market in Norway, until the company was bought by Boart Longyear.

In 1971 Monark became a part of the Boart Longyear family; this was the start of Boart Longyear Norway. When their company became a part of Boart Longyear they started to serve all corners of the globe with drilling tools.

They were a part of the Boart Longyear until 2005. In 2005 it was decided to go back to the original company name; Monark. Monark AS is now an independent company known for our good quality products and skilled staff. They deliver drilling tools to 50 countries and are among the largest producers of drill steel. From 2005 to 2015 the company has grown by 12-15% each year and is proud to deliver high-quality products to customers across the globe.

Monark AS produces Integral Drill Steel, Tapered Drill Steel, Shank rods, and all sizes of Button Bits.

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