Swingotilt - Revolutionizing the Excavator

SMP Swingotilt

SMP Swingotilt S60

How New Technology Is Saving You Time And Money‌

New innovations are created with the common frame of mind, what will make life easier for the next guy. The construction industry has made its life around innovations and it is shocking how far each piece of equipment has come. In this case we are talking about the Swingotilt line of tilt rotators by SMP. The Swingotilt was designed for the unique demands of minimal space in the European market, which allows one unit to perform many tasks. The idea behind it was to offer different angles of approach when digging and backfilling as well as digging around difficult obstacles. Its ability to spin a full 360 degrees and tilt 40 degrees simultaneously makes this work horse seem like a toy.

3 Ways The Swingotilt Out Performs The Competition
  1. Ease of maintenance: the spacious design of the Swingotilt simplifies on site maintenance and serviceability compared to its counter parts.
  2. Grease lubricated instead of oil: Stop dealing with the messy change up of oil. Grease is cleaner, cheaper and easier to maintain.
  3. Enhance excavator efficiency and operator productivity: In just 2 weeks you will notice a huge difference in your bottom line.

Watch how the Swingotilt maneuvers around obstacles click here