Pam Dek

Pam Dek

PAM Dek Deck Chipping

Concrete chipping has always been a difficult and tough job on your body leading to both fatigue and potential injury. This has been changed forever though with the PAM DEK concrete deck chipper which increases productivity and reducing injuries.

The Pam Dek mounts your 15 to 35 lb chipping hammer while supporting the weight entirely. It creates a better work posture to a more standing up position which reduces fatigue and and stress especially on the legs and lower back.

This setup allows you to amplify, redirect and use your own body weight for more efficient chipping. It also has a built in dust suppressant by spraying a fine layer of water to keep dust from going airborne.

This machine has a low maintenance cost and is easily transported from site to site.

3 have already been sold in the Niagara region with many more to follow! Click on the link below for a video, or give us a call for any inquiries!

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