JOMA 6000 Promotion!

10% Off! Until December 1st 2016 Only! While Supplies Last!

Tried, Tested, Proven. These three qualities make the JOMA 6000 unparalleled when facing the oppositions copy blades that simply cannot measure up.

Only Black Cat Blades have 25 years of research and development to perfect their blade for durability and effectiveness while the competition has just started getting their blades on the road now.

The blades excel at reducing vibration and noise which dramatically improves driver fatigue during operation, while also increasing wear life over the course of the blade in comparison to other systems.

The effectiveness of the blade itself also improves highway safety due to cleaner roads, while also reducing highway marking wear and reduces salt and sand consumption.

The Farmers Almanac which boats an 80% accuracy rate predicts an above average year for snowfall, don’t be caught off guard! Equip yourself with the best the market has to offer!

There is only one true JOMA system, and this promotion will only last until November 30th, talk to your sales rep today about the discount!

JOMA 6000 promotion
JOMA 6000 promotion