Ecovolve and DXR delivers muscle for gym demolition

Ecovolve and DXR delivers muscle for gym demolition
Ecovolve ED800 A Versatile-Electric Demolition Clearer
man using a Ecovolve dump cart inside a tunnel

Lifting weight at a GoodLife Fitness center isn’t an unusual task. However, when the weight is 650 tonnes of demolition debris that must travel through an active gym, selecting the right tools is imperative.

Capital Cutting & Coring Group (CCC Group), was recently contracted by GoodLife Fitness at the St. Laurent mall in Ottawa to demolish a pool and dispose of all the waste. However, here’s the catch: GoodLife Fitness is open 24/7 and required that the demolition job didn’t interfere with the gym’s clientele.

Our core business is concrete cutting, coring, and small demolition,” said Jesse Noonan, senior project manager for CCC Group.

But a job like this would require us to somehow transport 650 tonnes of processed concrete from the pool, through a crowded gym full of equipment and people, and finally to a disposal area within the building. All while ensuring the safety and comfort of the public.

The ED800 Is The Smallest Of Ecovolve’s E-Dumpcart Lineup.

However, it is capable of hauling 800 kg of material. It is entirely battery-powered, and delivers eight hours of life, while remaining fast, silent and emitting zero emissions.

The results have been nothing short of a revelation,” Noonan said.

Working in tandem with Husqvarna’s DXR300 demolition robot and with a crew of two people, the ED800 was able to dispose of nearly a ton of processed concrete every 10 minutes. Most importantly, it navigated the narrow and crowded passageways of the gym and building with ease.

This is just the beginning for CCC Group. Not only are they able to offer quick concrete removal solutions to their clients who require zero-emission and noise-sensitive solutions, but they are now far less constrained by labour supply shortages.