Drum Cutters - always grinding

Drum Cutters - always grinding

Cutter-Heads, An Attachment Recommended For Every Crew!

CRD is a single-source provider of quality made drum cutter attachments across various specs. we also provide replacement parts and service overhaul your drum cutters across our locations in Canada. Drum cutters are a versatile attachment for wall and surface profiling, trenching, demolition of structures, rock excavation amongst other uses.  They are great attachments to use when noise levels at a construction zone need to be toned down due to their quiet operation. Drum cutters also make great finishing operations for rock and walled structures.

photo of a drum cutter

Commonly referred to as “cutterheads” or “rock grinders”, they fill the gap for rock/ground too hard to rip yet are not hard enough to warrant a hydraulic hammer, drilling or blasting techniques to remove the elements. Scaling concrete walls, dams/abutments, or concrete structures is what drum cutters most commonly used for.

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CRD also stocks quality replacement parts for drumcutters, like the Kennametal cutting tools to replace worn out bits on the drum cutter.

For servicing or ordering replacement parts, reach out to us 905-673-8200 , sales@crdcreighton.com