Combi introduces the new C-Rex R50 Teeth System

Combi introduces the new C-Rex R50 Teeth System

The C-Rex line up of GET systems is designed to deliver across terrains.  Quality Swedish steel and enough wear material to get you through the project keeps operational costs down! the new Combi C-Rex R50 design stays true to its cause. This R50 GET system is a result of Combi’s R&D pooling together proven performance history from the Pro-Claws line and true feedback from the field.

C-rex R50 system

Some of the designs features of the R50 are :

– Wear-caps protect the upper part of the adapters
– Universal adapter: (one per lip thickness) works perfectly with or without wear-caps
– Wear indicator: Markings to indicate teeth wear for replacement
– Same adapter for excavator and wheel loader reduces inventory
– New collar on the back of the teeth gives better support and reinforces the strength of the teeth in XHD applications
– Redesigned mechanical lip shrouds protect better the lip and reduce the time of maintenance

The R50 system line will be first available for excavators in the  70mm, 75mm (3 inch) and 80mm Specifications – with 2 models of teeth and the wear-cap. The new R50 system along with the existing GET line-up by Combi system will be available for orders at all our CRD locations across Eastern Canada.

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