Canada 150

Canada 150


Construction is one of Canada’s largest and most important industries. Everywhere you look there is evidence of it from houses, skyscrapers, roads/highways and nearly everything else that involves engaging the ground in one form or another all are thanks to the construction industry.

The construction industry employs more than 1.2 million men and women in Canada (Statistics Canada. 2016). The employment rate in the industry is continuing an upwards trend despite some dips as the industry is very sensitive to the ups and downs of the economy as a whole.

Looking to the future of the industry within Canada it is forecast that although the residential sector may dip, the non-residential such as transportation infrastructure, big private projects and public infrastructure will continue to push the industry to new heights (Buildforce Canada, 2016).


Canada & Creighton

With Canada turning 150 we also take a look back at Creighton’s history and involvement in the industry. In Creighton Rock Drill Limited 51 years in business we have continued to provide the industry with high quality wear parts and ground engaging technologies which began in April of 1966 by D.J. (Jim) Creighton and his wife Evelyn.

Creighton continues to push forward in its search for the best, most innovative and effective tools that the market has to offer now and in the future. Working with a wide range of the industry leaders and recognized manufactures allows us to offer a long-term partnership with businesses supplying excellent sales, services and parts to meet the needs of our customers.

We look to continue our pursuit of being at the forefront of leading edge products that push the industry to new heights. Creighton is in good position and continues to grow strong with the industry and will continue to provide customers with the best products and service the market has to offer.

Al Creighton at a construction site