Sweepster Brooms

Road Maintenance doesn’t stop when the snow melts. Road sweeping is an important part of keeping roads and cities clean and usable. At Creighton Rock Drill, we offer a number of replacement brooms for municipal and paving applications including gutter brooms, tube brooms, and wire/poly wafer brooms.

Sweeper Broom Attachments

Sweeper attachment on skid-steer

Gutter Brooms

gutter brooms

Get peak performance every time you use Creighton’s selection of professional gutter brooms. Filled with oil quenched steel, our gutter brooms stay firm for the heavy-duty jobs. Available with Oil-Quenched or Oil-Tempered wire, Creighton offers a full line of gutter brooms for all sweeper makes and models on the road today.

The natural resilience of our oil quenched wire allows the gutter brooms to retain their rigid shape for a longer period of time with less breakage, brittleness and splintering. Our gutter brooms remain firm and flexible through repeated use. By retaining their aggressive sweeping action longer and collecting more curbside debris than most standard gutter brooms. Using Creighton’s selection of gutter brooms means you spend less time replacing worn-out side brooms and more time getting the job done.

Tube Brooms

Sweepster Tube Brooms

Creighton’s selection of tube brooms produces a more aggressive sweeping action for cleaner street sweeping. Our tube broom demonstrates our commitment to quality and is guaranteed to have more filament, a longer life, more thorough debris collection, and greater sweeping results than you will find in other sweeper brooms.

Ordinary tube brooms generally provide fewer wraps. This means less poly filament and fewer sweeping ends at work on the cleaning surface. Creighton’s selection provides greater filament per square inch. The outcome – more consistent sweeping results with decreased wear of the broom.

Poly & Wire Wafers

Sweepster Wafer Brooms

Flat wafers give your sweeper broom maximum density and complete surface coverage. Shipped with compatible spacers. “Spacerless” Convoluted Wafers enhance debris removal by creating a natural “air space” in your broom.

Sweeper attachments in Canada

For more info about the right Hydraulic Broom for your particular applications : Call Shankar : 905-673-8200, we have various specs and sizes to fit your Machine.


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