Roxor - rugged side by side UTV

Mining Site Personnel Transporter

side view photo of the Roxor mining vehicle

ROXOR – A side-by-side unlike any other!

At Mahindra, they’ve built a reputation for building purposeful, hard-working mining vehicles. It all started when we began making vehicles that were put to the extreme demands of military use. During the nearly 75 years since we’ve turned out millions of frame-based trucks made to endure the rugged road conditions in India. And now the world over has come to recognize that it’s in our DNA to offer capable, durable vehicles that will out tough and outlast conventional side x sides and unibody trucks.

Perhaps, the perfect embodiment of that is ROXOR. Hand-assembled in the United States with a steel body, boxed steel frame, and heavy-duty beltless transmission for unrivaled durability. Not to mention, its 2.5L, 4-CYL Mahindra turbo diesel engine has up to 3,490 lb. towing capacity. You can count on it to get the job done. And that’s a big part of what makes ROXOR, a mining vehicle unlike any other.

ROXOR mining vehicle Frame Engine Trans