ALB Series ANFO Loaders

ALB Series - ANFO Loaders

ALB Series ANFO Loader working in the snow
ALB Series - ANFO Loader

The Astec ANFO Loading System is a complete line of modules designed for various short or long-hole explosive loading and is available with single or dual charging vessels for various capacities.

Features & Benefits Of ALB Series ANFO Loaders:

  • Long Life, Solid Stainless Steel Tanks in single and double tank layouts – available from 600 lbs to 2,000 lbs capacity. Single, or dual discharge is available from each port.
  • There are two Coverage Options available with 4.5, 9, and 14 feet extension booms for various face loading requirements.
  • Two-person man-basket positions the workers so that blast hole charging is done safely and efficiently.
  • Four heavy Duty Stabilizers provide positive boom stability.

ALB Series ANFO Loaders Weights & Dimensions

Operating Weightlbs /kg45,365 (20,620 kg)46,550 (21,160 kg)47,735 (21,700 kg)
Overall Tramming Lengthfeet /meter37’5″ (11.3 m)38’2″ (11.6 m)40’6″ (12.2 m)
Overall Widthfeet /meter7’6″ (2.3 m)7’6″ (2.3 m)7’6″ (2.3 m)
Tramming Heightfeet /meter8’8″ (2.6 m)8’8″ (2.6 m)8’8″ (2.6 m)
Carrier Articulationdegree+/- 450+/- 450+/- 450
Inside Turning Radiusfeet /meter15’5″ (4.6 m)15’5″ (4.6 m)15’5″ (4.6 m)
Outside Turning Radiusfeet /meter20′ (7.9 m)26’9″ (8.2 m)26’9″ (8.4 m)
Boom Swingdegree+/- 350+/- 350+/- 350
Maximum Horizontal Reachfeet /meter26′ (7.9 m)36′ (11 m)42’10” (13.1 m)
diagram drawing of ALB Series ANFO Loaders