Mine Runner

Astec Breaker Technology is a manufacturer of quarry, construction, and mining equipment. Specializing in rockbreaker systems, hydraulic breakers, and demolition attachments, and offer a full line of rugged, low-profile mining vehicles. Astec offers unparalleled experience and product support. Consequently becoming well recognized as a leader in global mining and quarry markets.

Mine Runner APV

Mine Runner utility vehicle provides modern-day mine transportation. Ahead of the Grade with more power, better safety, lower maintenance, longer life, and optimal performance.

Your All Purpose Mining Truck

Breaker Technology’s MINE RUNNER All Purpose Mining Vehicle is a solution for a future-focused mining operation. Aimed at safety, lower emissions, and increased productivity. Not to be confused with a customized road vehicle or generic people carrier because the Mine Runner has Hydraulic Wheel Drive (HWD) motors. Therefore providing greater power, extended maintenance and duty cycles.

Engineered from the ground up to be a leader in personnel safety and operational flexibility. Standard on the all purpose mining truck, Mine Runner is a rigorously tested and independently certified ROPS/FOPS operator cabin.

A Mining Vehicle With Exceptional Control

Using both accelerator and brake pedals for tram and braking control, our proprietary system is smooth and seamless. Thus creating an automotive feel. With automatic or manual shifting and traction control, there are no underground conditions which are too tough to handle.

A More Powerful Mining Utility Vehicle

“The ever increasing payload requirements and tramming distances have exceeded the capabilities of the typical re purposed highway 4×4 style truck. Unlike many over the road type vehicles being modified for use underground, the Mine Runner is purpose designed and built for the underground environment,” say  Andy Jackson, Astec Engineering Project Leader. Better braking and a lower emissions footprint makes the Mine Runner the best Mining Vehicle to meet your underground needs.

Transport Mine Personnel More Safely

Better brakes mean increased safety. Service braking is accomplished using the hydraulic pump and wheel motors, meaning there’s no mechanical wear parts to fail or replace. Both the primary braking (service brakes) and the secondary braking (emergency brakes) have been designed and tested to meet and exceed the CSA Braking Standard and Performance for Underground Mining Machines. CAN/CSA – M424.3-M90.


 Hydraulic Wheel Drive Mining Vehicle

Powered by our innovative “Hydraulic Wheel Drive” or “HWD” fluid controlled power train, the Mine Runner is capable of easy customization to a optional configurations without hindering performance or longevity of components.

Mine Runner Specifications

Approach / Departure Angle36% (20°) Front and Rear angle – unladen condition
Number of Passengers3 std (Operators Cab)
EngineDeutz 2012 Tier III 129 HP / 96 KW @ 2200 RPM c/w CANMET or MSHA certified
Tires8.25R22.5 / 18 PLY – Mining Tires c/w Wheel chocks
BrakesSAHR (Spring Apply Hydraulic Release) Parking / Emergency brake in each hydraulic wheel motor. Closed Loop Hydraulic Wheel End Service Brakes via pump over-center swash plate Certified to CAN/CSAM424.3-M90 Braking Test
Steering SystemAutomotive Style Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel in dash / Full Hydraulic Steering, with Orbital Steering Valve and Single Steer Cylinder / Horn Button in steering wheel
ControlsAutomotive style, accelerator and service brake pedal Automatic and standard shift (1, 2, 3 & A Select, Forward and Reverse) Drive by wire 4WD Traction Control – minimal tire wear/scrub throughout entire turning radius

One Mine Vehicle, Tons Of Options

Base Model – Mine Runner

Base Model

Personnel Carrier – Mine Runner

Features: Certified ROPS/FOPS compartment. Personnel capacity of 8 persons, individual seating with seat belts.

Personnel Carrier
Personnel Carrier

Flat Deck – Mine Runner

Features: Flip down side rails, tie-down points to secure load(s), 3 point mount access to the deck.

Flat Deck

Aerial Boom – Mine Runner

Features: 26 in (.66 m) X 26 in (.66 m) X 44 in (1.12) bucket 300 lb (136 kg) lift capacity Two lift/leveling jacks

Ariel Boom model
Ariel Boom

Mechanic Truck – Mine Runner

Features: Palfinger Model PC1500, 13.6 kNm capacity. Flip down side rails, tie-down points to secure load(s), 3 point mount access to the deck.

Mechanic Truck
Mechanic Truck

Crane – Mine Runner

Features: Palfinger Model PC1500, 13.6 kNm capacity. Welding generator. Bench vise. Storage compartments. Oxy-acetylene storage. Flip down side rails, tie-down points to secure load(s), 3 point mount access to the deck.

crane model

Fuel – Mine Runner

Features=400 gallon (1,514 liter) fuel reservoir. Metering dispensing nozzle with safety breakaway connection. Spring return hose reel.

Fuel truck

Fuel Lube – Mine Runner

Features: 140 gallon (530 liter) fuel reservoir. (3) 30 gallon (113 liter) fluid reservoirs. Grease pump with 35 lb (16 kg) reservoir. Metering dispensing nozzles with safety break away connections. Spring return hose reels

Fuel Lube
Fuel Lube

Scissor Lift – Mine Runner

Features: 6.5 ft (2.0 m) X 6 ft (1.8 m) platform 1,000 lb (455 kg) lift capacity Two lift/leveling jacks

Scissor Lift

Utility Pick-Up – Mine Runner

Features: Pick-up box with flip-down tailgate and tie-down points to secure load(s).

Utility Pick-Up
Utility Pick-Up