Hensley Teeth

When looking for ground engaging teeth, Creighton Rock Drill has always recommended considering Hensley brand teeth. They are carefully designed for long use and come both in a proprietary line and as DRP (Direct Replacement Parts).

Hensley Teeth

Hensley’s line of construction wear parts begins with our proprietary products, which include Parabolic® brand tooth and adapter systems, 5 Series Teeth and the new Abrasion Ace brand of carbide-enhanced teeth that provide longer life under extra abrasive conditions. We complete our offering of construction G.E.T. with a wide selection of replacement parts for O.E.M.s (see below) to be used with our Hensley loader and excavator buckets or with most other bucket brands.

Parabolic® Tooth & Adapter Systems

This brand features a complete range of GET for machines from the small rubber tired backhoes to the largest draglines and cable shovels. Based on a taper fit design with top pin fastening and wear compensation, the Parabolic design is the original two piece system that stays tight.

  • Standard
  • Rock Chisel
  • Tiger
  • Twin Tiger
  • Abrasion Panelled
  • Abrasion
  • Rock Penetrator
  • Rock Penetrator – Heavy
  • Flare
  • Sharp, Ribbed
  • Long
Hensley parabolic brand 1
Hensley Parabolic 156 160 220
Hensley parabolic brand 3
Hensley Parabolic 330
Hensley parabolic brand 5
Hensley Parabolic 410
Hensley parabolic brand 7
Hensley Parabolic 500
Hensley parabolic brand 2
Hensley Parabolic 290
Hensley parabolic brand 4
Hensley Parabolic 370
Hensley parabolic brand 6
Hensley Parabolic 450
Hensley parabolic brand 8
Hensley Parabolic 550

Hensley 5 Series

Hensley 135/235 series
135/235 series
Hensley 385 series
385 series
Hensley Instructions
Hensley 295 series
295 series
Hensley 435 series
435 series
Hensley 335 series
335 series
Hensley 485 series
485 series

Abrasion Ace Brand Of Carbide-Enhanced Teeth

Hensley’s Abrasion Ace brand of carbide-enhanced teeth offers the ultimate protection against wear caused by abrasion.Abrasion Ace teeth are designed with protective channels cast into the base tooth, which are then filled with an extremely hard tungsten carbide product. The results are added hardness and an increase in the life of the base tooth.Abrasion Ace teeth are superior to other designs which fully expose the carbide product. Here’s why: the abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide is susceptible to fracture during impact so Hensley has encased the carbide within protective channels.While not recommended for use in heavy impact conditions, Abrasion Ace teeth will provide longer life in abrasive conditions.

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Direct Replacement Parts

Replacements For:

  • Amsco style teeth, pins, & rubber plugs
  • Ateco style ripper teeth & fasteners
  • Bofors style teeth
  • Bucyrus-Erie style teeth & fasteners
  • Case/Drott style backhoe & 4-in-1 bucket teeth, adapters, & pins
  • Caterpillar® teeth, adapters, ripper shanks, edge segments, shank guards, compactor feet, side cutters, end bits, heel plates, & fasteners
  • John Deere style teeth & pins
  • Erie-Strayer style clamshell teeth
  • Esco style teeth, adapters, sidecutters, wear edges, & pins
  • Ford Style backhoe teeth, adapters, & pins
  • Galion style scarifier shanks, tips, & pins
  • H&L style teeth, adapters, & pins
  • Hendrix style dragline & excavator teeth & fasteners
  • Komatsu style ripper teeth, excavator teeth, adapters, shank guards, and fasteners
  • Page style teeth & fasteners
  • Preco style teeth, ripper shanks, & fasteners
  • Wearpact style teeth & fasteners
Hensley Direct Replacement Parts
Hensley Direct Replacement Parts
Hensley Loader Teeth
Hensley Loader Teeth
Hensley Excavator Teeth
Hensley Excavator Teeth