Hensley PTY Laminite

Extreme protection for extreme applications. Developed in 1971 by Hensley PTY in Australia and is high chromium white iron bonded to a weldable mild steel backing. Place Laminite in high wear areas on any of your equipment subjected to high abrasion.

Hensley PTY Laminite

Hensley Laminite Montage of wear parts
Laminite®, A Unique Wear Material Created By Hensley Industries Australia. Designed To Reduce Heavy Equipment Downtime In 3 Ways.
  • Acts as the ultimate first defense against wear and abrasion when welded or bolted to your machine’s vulnerable surfaces.
  • Perfect quick replacement for worn and shattered wear parts out in the field.
  • Allows you to customize your wear protection.

A layering of white iron over mild steel, Laminite® is easy to weld with minimal preparation. If you choose, it can also be machined or stud-bolted. The mild steel backing cushions the white iron enabling it to withstand impact and abrasion even in the harshest of conditions.

Created in 1971 by Hensley Industries Australia (formerly Mason & Cox) for mining and quarry applications. Laminite®’s reputation for being the ultimate protection against impact and high abrasion extends into the steel, cement, coal, glass, sugar cane, and wood chip industries.

Features And Benefits

Chocky Bars
Chocky Bars 
  • Easy to cut for customized protection.
  • Easy to bend for protecting contoured surfaces.
  • Available in 6 sizes.
close up photo of Skid Bars
Skid Bars 
  • Ideal for bucket bottom protection.
  • Trapezoidal shape for spade bucket lips.
  • 3 standard sizes in rectangular and trapezoidal shapes.
Laminite wear bars
Wear Bars
  • Available in multiple sizes and shapes.
  • Can be used to create “rock box” or “dirt on dirt” protection.
Wear Buttons
Wear Buttons 
  • Ideal for smaller areas requiring wear resistant material.
  • Requires less welding time and material.
  • 5 sizes from 60mm to 150mm in diameter.
bolt protector
Bolt Protectors 
  • For protection of exposed nuts and bolts used on cutting edges and similar applications.
  • Alternative – Can be cut in half and placed in front of exposed nuts and bolts in a U-shaped configuration.
white iron Grizzly Bars
Grizzly Bars 
  • Standard sizes minimize customer cost versus custom shapes.
  • Peaked profile offers longer wear life and greater material deflection.