Sysbohr Special Accessories

Sysbohr design and manufacture first-class drilling systems, tools, and accessories for the construction and geothermal industries. Manufactured in Fulda by Sysbohr, all products are distributed worldwide through an excellent supply network. In-house specialists and consultants ensure that the requirements of the customer are fully met. Flexibility within the design and manufacture of products is one of the most important features.

Special Accessories

As a supplier of complete drilling systems, we also produce a wide range of special accessories and tools for drilling operations. This includes a large number of special accessories which are ready for delivery. The tools include all types of hoisting swivels, fishing spears, striking-face wrenches, and gripper jaws for all clamping and breaking devices.

For the easy handling of double casing systems, Sysbohr offers specially designed hydraulic casing handling systems. Which are suitable for all drilling machines. The casing lifters/handling systems mount onto mini-excavators. These hydraulic handling systems are suitable for various tube diameters. Additionally we offer a wide range of rotary preventers for rotary drill pipes with a diameter of 193mm up to 508mm.

Drill bits of any kind and for any geology are part of the scope of delivery. However we also have special bits with PCD cutters and extension drill bits for double head drilling machines.

Hydraulic Casing Lifter Suitable For Casing

Diameters up to 250 mm (simplex or duplex rods) with rotational swivel angle 0 – 110 degrees. For mounting on excavators (approx 7 tonnes).

Rotating Preventer For Casings

Rotating Preventer for Casings of Diameter 193 mm to 508 mm.

Extension Drill Bits For Double Head Drilling Units With 2 Rotary Heads

Application in Special Civil Engineering Underground and Geothermal Energy.

Rotary Drill Bits (Full Face) And Casing Bits With Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters PCD

Sysbohr Special Accessories include Polycrystalline diamond cutters(PCD). These cutters are made up of a synthetic mass of diamond particles based on an incidental metal matrix. Which is the cause for its extremely solid character. The mass is a generation of selected diamond particles, sintered at high pressure. The sintering process is strictly observed with respect to the debit range of diamonds. This results in an extremely hard and resistant structure. PCD is mainly used for drilling in soft rock such as sandstone, limestone, Dolomit, calk stone, shale, clay, etc. PCD is not suitable for drilling in fissured or hard rock, as they may not bear up against the high stress. The grooves of the drill bits are laterally plated or TC fitted, in order to grant additional wear protection. Flushing is normally by air or water, the rotation speed is adjusted to the soil conditions and the number of blades.