Rotary Drilling Systems

Sysbohr design and manufacture first-class drilling systems, tools, and accessories for the construction and geothermal industries. Manufactured in Fulda by Sysbohr , these products are distributed worldwide through an excellent supply network. In-house specialists and consultants ensure that the requirements of the customer are fully met. Flexibility within the design and manufacture of products is one of the most important features.

Rotary Drilling Systems

These systems are for pure rotary drilling in unison with basic rotary drill rods or casings. Based on the geological conditions at hand, either a rotary head for soft rock conditions, or an additional down-the-hole (DTH) hammer for hard rock conditions is applied, respectively

Rotary Drilling System D 88.9 - D 152.4 With Single Rotary Head

This Rotary Drilling System is for solid and loose grounds with basic drill rods.

Suitable for flushing drilling in sandy ground. Also used for drilling in silty, clayey or loamy grounds with suitable tools e.g. drag bits or rock bits. Different flushing mediums are possible.

Single Rotary Head DTH hammer
modal of a rotary drill
illustration of a Rotary Head DTH hammer underground
skizze modal of a drilling system underground

Rotary Drilling Systems D 76.1 - D 114.3 With Rotary Head And DTH-Hammer

These Rotary Drilling Systems are for all types of rocks using basic drill rods and a DTH hammer.

The design oft he drill bits can vary. They can  drill various kinds of hard and sometimes abrasive rock types.

Rotary Head DTH hammer
illustration of a Rotary Head DTH hammer under ground
illustration of a Rotary Head DTH hammer underground