Mitsubishi Ultra Maxbit

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is constantly introducing new innovations utilizing new advanced technologies. DIABIT Products continue to lead the industry with unique designs and exotic materials. Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is proud to have a reputation of very high quality worldwide and continuously research and advance new product development to be the best quality tools available.

Mitsubishi Ultra Maxbit

Mitsubishi Ultra Max Bit


  • The Flushing air doesn’t hit the drilled hole directly.
  • Minimal air leakage into the formation won’t enlarge the drilled borehole.
  • The Reverse flushing causes a vacuum effect to remove the cuttings.
  • The Efficient flushing and groove designed by CAE simulation and analysis.

Mitsubishi Flushing Technology Confirmed By Computational Fluid Dynamics Supply You The Best Solution For Drilling In Sensitive Ground.

High Speed And Straight Drilling In Wide Range Of Ground Conditions

  • ULTRA MAXBIT is used for simultaneous drilling and casing in unstable soft ground formations.
  • ULTRA MAXBIT is also applicable for wide range of ground conditions such as sand, gravel and boulders and rock.
  • The dual bit system also allows vertical, horizontal, and even inclined drilling.