Current Inventory Crusher Parts

This is a list of items that we consider to be stock subject to prior sale and can be reliably found on our stock shelves. We often carry more items than those listed below. Please contact us for availability of any parts not listed on this page.

Current Inventory Crusher Parts


Commonly Replenished Stock

AvailableItem #Item Description
3‘102-540-431-701Torch Ring
20121801Nordburg 1213 Blow Bar Wear Resistant Insert
2‘1242-600-01Swing Jaw 12 x 42 Cedar Rapids (33″x41-1/2″x4″) (Green 14-peaks 13-indents)
1‘1242-600-02Fixed Jaw 12×42 Cedar Rapids (29″x44″x4″) (Green 15-peaks 14-indents)
1‘1242-600-07Toggle Plate 18″
2‘1242-600-08Toggle Plate 19″
1‘2248-100-09Fixed jaw 22×48 cedarapids (45″x50-1/2″x6″) (Green 10-peaks 9-indents)
1‘2248-100-12Swing Jaw 22 x 48 Cedar Rapids
5‘3042-051-01Fixed Jaw Type D Style 3 Pitch 6 3/8
1‘3042-051-01-18Fixed Jaw 30 x 42 Cedar Rapids 18%
1‘3042-051-01-RFixed Jaw
1‘3042-051-05Swing Jaw Modified 3042 (64-1/2″x42″x6″) (Green 6-peaks 5-indents)
3‘3054-500-10Toggle Seat (Green)
2‘3054-500-17Fixed Jaw 30 x 54 Cedarapids
2‘3054-500-18Swing Jaw Modified 3054
1‘3054-500-53Fixed Jaw 30 x 54 Cedarapids (57″x56″x8″) (Green 9-peaks 8-indents)
1‘3054-500-54Swing Jaw 30 x 54 Cedarapids
6‘4431-150Key Plate 12×42 cedarapids (3-holes Green L=32″)
3‘4431-150-01Toggle Seat 12×42 Cederapids
5‘4431-151-01Toggle Seat 12×42 Cederapids
4‘4431-152Wedge (6-holes Red L=32″)
2‘4431-288Jaw Wedge Cedarrapids
1‘4431-462Toggle Seat 30×42 cedarapids (Green L=38″)
1‘4431-463Toggle Plate (37″x30″x2″ Wave w/1-hole)
1‘4659-0663Swing Jaw Lokomo C125 Series (MNX50)
1‘4659-0664Fixed Jaw Lokomo C125 (MNX50)
2‘507SSKey Plate 10 x 36 Cedar Rapids
2‘509SSJaw Wedge 10×36 Cedarapids
1‘600-2148MNX50Fixed Jaw
1‘600-2149MNX50Swing Jaw
3‘602LHFixed Jaw 10×36 cedarapids
5‘603SSSwing Jaw 10×36 cedarapids
5‘611-AToggle Seat (Red L=31″)
1‘613-S17″ Toggle Plate
0’62D164Blow Bar Ceramic Low Eagle 1200 Low Chrome (CRD-1200)
1’62D164HCBlow Bar High Chrome Eagle 1200 (CRD-1200HC)
8‘7012921754Nordburg 1213 Curtain Liner
0‘AMAB0086Blow Bar Ceramic Low Lippman 42 x 48 Wear Resistant Insert
5‘AMAB0086HC-WRIBlow Bar Ceramic High Chrome Lippman 42 x 48 Wear Resistant Insert
2‘C-01023Toggle plate 19″ Pioneer (32″x19″x (ends=3″)(centre=1-1/2″))
2‘C1213Fixed jaw 15×36 Pioneer
56‘C1213BNWBolt Nut Washer for C1213 Apron Liner
1‘C1214Swing jaw 15×36 Pioneer (39″x36″x5″) (Green 12-peaks 11-indents)
1‘C969Toggle Seat
1‘D-1078Swing Jaw 22×48 (51-1/2″x48″x5″) (Green 15-peaks 14-indents)
1‘D-1079Fixed Jaw 22×48 (45-1/2″x46″x4-1/2″) (Green 16-peaks 15-indents)
4‘HAZ1515HCBlow Bar High Chrome Hazmag 1515
0‘HAZ790HCBlow Bar High Chrome Hazmag Impactor
0‘HAZ796HCAprin Liner High Chrome Hazmag Impactor
0‘PEGSON428Blow Bar Ceramic Low Chrome Pegson 428 (CRD-P428)
4‘PEGSON428HCBlow Bar High Chrome Pegson 428
4‘PEGSON428HCWRIBlow Bar Ceramic High Chrome Pegson 428 Wear Resistant Insert

In House Stock

AvailableItem #Item Description
1‘2540-400-03Fixed Jaw 25X40 cedarapids
1‘2540-400-04Swing Jaw 25X40 cedarapids
1‘2540-400-05Fixed Jaw Cederapids (57″x43-1/2″x8″) (Green 11-peaks 10-indents)
1‘2540-400-06Swing Jaw Cederapids
1‘3042-051-02-18Swing Jaw 30 x 42 Cedar Rapids 18%
1‘3042-051-03Swing Jaw 30×42 Cedar Rapids
1‘3242-001-30Toggle Plate 33″ x 37 1/4″ straight plate
04240HCWRIBlow Bar Ceramic High Chrome Pioneer 4240
3‘4431-180Jaw Wedge 16×48 cederapids (Blue)
4‘4431-193-01Key Plate Upper
3‘4431-198Wedge 22 x 48 Cedar Rapids
2‘4431-398Upper Key Plate R.H (w/handle)
2‘4431-399Lower Key Plate R.H
2‘4431-400Upper Key Plate L.H (w/handle)
2‘4431-401Lower Key Plate L.H
2‘4431-704HCWRIBlow Bar High Chrome Wear Resistant Inserts (1-hole)
12‘4431-704LCWRIBlow Bar Low Chrome Wear Resistant Inserts (1-hole)
2‘4431-736Upper RH Key Plate
2‘4431-737Upper LH Key Plate (30-1/2″(27-1/2″)x34″x1-3/4″ Green w/3-holes)
2‘4431-738Lower RH Key Plate (26-1/2″(20″)x26″x1-3/4″ Green w/2-holes)
2‘4431-739Lower LH Key Plate (27″(20″)x26″x1-3/4″ Green w/2-holes)
1‘600-2011MNX50Fixed Jaw
1‘600-2012MNX50Swing Jaw
1‘600-2149MN12Swing Jaw
3‘802YFixed Jaw
1‘803YSwing Jaw
2‘8101-C01Breaker Bar (39-1/4″x12-1/2″x6″) (Black 5-holes)
1‘812-YToggle Plate 22″ x 31 1/4 ” (Ref. # TB149-22)
1‘894Wedge (Green L=35-1/2″)
1‘904-01Upper Key Plate (33″x29″(23-1/2″)x3″) (Green 2-holes)
1‘904-02Upper Key Plate (33″x29″(23-1/2″)x3″) (Green 2-holes)
1‘905-01Lower Key Plate (27-1/2″x22-1/2″(15″)x3″) (Green 2-holes)
1‘905-02Key Plate (27-1/2″x22-1/2″(15″)x3″) (Green 2-holes)
4‘908Toggle Seat 25×40 (Green)
6‘AMAB0086MC-WRIBlow Bar Ceramic Medium Chrome Lippman 42 x 48 Wear Resistant Insert
1‘B-10-60-1Swing Jaw extension (Wedge)
2‘B-10-61-1Fixed Jaw Extention 30X48 Lippman
1‘M500219-YSwing Jaw 30×48 Lippman
2‘SCREENMACHINE4043-T-HCWRIBlow Bar High Chrome (Screen Machine)
6‘SCREENMACHINE4043-T-LCWRIBlow Bar Low Chrome (Screen Machine)
1‘SD1406Swing Jaw Lippmann 30×62 6″ Pitch 3.5″ TD C10183-1-MOD (EX6776 MOD)
1‘SD776Fixed Jaw 2236 Cedar Rapids 802 HT
1‘SD777Swing Jaw 2236 Cedar Rapids 803 HT
2‘SD912Pioneer 30×55 Swing Jaw 3″ Pitch 2.25″ TD L-03659 (EX3726)
1‘SD957Pioneer 30×55 Fixed Jaw 3″ Pitch 2.25″ TD 194290
1‘SD978Swing Jaw Lippmann 30×62 Die Extension C10200 (61-1/2″x6-1/2″(3-1/2″)x4-1/4″)