CRD High Impact Crusher Backing

Safe to use, CRD crusher backing fills up every little space with ease. CRD has high-impact properties and still maintains the compressive strength of a regular backing compound. See our specification sheet for details.

CRD High Impact Crusher Backing

A 100% solid epoxy system supplied in a two part component system, Part “A” and “B”.
When mixed together it can easily be poured into a cavity filling every space even to one thousandth of an inch.

CRD Crusher Backing
CRD Crusher Backing

Volumetric Stability

Shrinkage from liquid to solid state is less than .0015″ per inch of thickness.

Shelf Life

All kits are dated. We recommend using within 12 months. However, kits have been used after 2-year shelf life.


CRD is used at normal room temperature between 60″-90″F.


CRD can be stored in unheated areas. However, we do recommend bringing to room temperature at least 24 hours before using.


CRD shows a minimal amount of filler settling. If settling occurs, it is soft and can easily be stirred back into suspension.


CRD has no dangerous chemicals, heat or explosive components. Only normal protective clothing is required, such as gloves, safety glasses & etc. A material safety data sheet is available from us or your dealer.


CRD has all the impact properties of High-impact type of products and still maintains the compressive strength of regular backing compound. See specification sheet for details.