The Largest Manufacturer Of Augers And Related Wear Parts In The World. Serving Utility, Construction, Agriculture, Foundation, And Major Worldwide OEM Customers.

Pengo was established in 1950 near San Francisco, California. Their goal to design and manufacture utility industry equipment to pull and tension high voltage transmission lines. The Company later developed augers to drill efficiently in conditions which, at the time, were considered extremely difficult. Within a few years the company held over 169 patents, most are still the basis for current drilling industry standards. The Bolt on Rock Head or BoRH is the latest patented product that’s been chosen by leading dealers, distributors, and OEM equipment firms.

Today, Pengo is the largest manufacturer of augers and related wear parts in the world. Serving the utility, construction, agriculture, foundation, and major worldwide OEM customers. Products are available through a network of over 500 dealers and OEM manufacturers. The product line has expanded to include forged, cast, and fabricated bucket teeth in addition to a complete line of mini-loader attachments and foundation drilling equipment.

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