History Of Caldervale Forge

At Rockbreaker Steel Tools breaking rocks is their business. Caldervale Forge, Clarkston, Airdrie has changed a lot from its establishment in 1902. Originally manufacturing shovels, picks and other hand tools for the coal and steel industry that was a large part of the local industry. This part of Caldervales history is still seen in the local heritage museum at Summerlee in Coatbridge. Things moved on mainly in the 1950 to 60s where new manufacturing systems were brought in and a new heat treatment facility started. With the invention of the new hydraulic hammer tools in this period Caldervale found themselves at an advantage. They had the ability to adapt their processes and skills to start the manufacture of the tools for the new hydraulic hammers. 

From the 70`s and into the new millennium Caldervale was one of the key suppliers to the construction and mining industry for hydraulic hammer tools. Over the years Caldervale made investments in new CNC machine tools and CNC controlled furnaces. As well as specialist unique one off machines built only for the manufacture and heat treatment of hammer tools. As a result Caldervale became one of the world market leaders in the industry. 

The factory was rebuilt and expanded with a new extension in 1992. During this decade Caldervale invested further into CNC equipment & quality assurance became a key part. ISO 9001 was obtained and it has been a company policy to continually improve. They now have the most up to date digital systems and now have BS EN ISO 9001- 2015. Caldervale is now a key supplier for quality heat treatment for the oil, rail, automotive and construction industry. Working with the oil industry they have raised their standards and now have a total traceability system for all parts heat treated in Caldervale. 

In 2012 the company was purchased by the new owners who commit to all the original values of the original owners and founders of Caldervale Forge. Still looking to grow the network of distributors all over the world who can sell a quality product manufactured in Scotland.

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