For Over 80 Years, The BESTOLIFE Corporation Has Been The Premiere Compound Manufacturer In The Petroleum Industry, Producing The Finest Quality Products For Every Situation.

BESTOLIFE compounds come in a wide array of lab-tested and field-proven formulas for drilling, production, and industrial purposes. Every compound has unique characteristics for use with projects of any size. They hold up to environmental conditions ranging from high temperatures and humidity to arctic blasts. BESTOLIFE compounds include special additives to accommodate your every need. Our motto, coined in the 1930s, still holds true: No matter the drilling condition, BESTOLIFE has the solution.

BESTOLIFE compounds can be used in a variety of applications and tailored to meet specific needs. They are available in a range of container sizes. From tubes or small containers with applicator lids, to plastic or metal pails in 1 to 55 gallon drums. As well as large bulk containers. If your conditions change, BESTOLIFE Corporation can develop specially formulated compounds that meet your needs. Ask our sales representative about container size availability or custom formulas.

Our long-term success is due to our commitment to product excellence, innovation, ongoing R&D, and responsive customer service. Our top priority is to build for the future through investment in our people, products, facilities, and technologies. Thus enabling us to continue to deliver the top quality compounds and service that our customers depend on. Mr. B reminds us that every compound: “APPLIES LIKE HONEY. WORKS LIKE A BEE.”

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