Polar Edge Snow Blades


Polyurethane & Rubber Snow Blades

Cutting Edge Snow Blades

Polar Edge edge
Cutting Edge Snow Blade
  • High Flexibility – Will not bend or break with impact damage reduction on road surfaces and trucks, even at -35°F.
  • Extended Work-life – Proven to outlast rubber by up to 10 times and steel by up to 3 times lowering maintenance costs, increasing productivity and profits.
  • Non-Damaging to Surfaces – Unlike steel edges, Polar Edge™ products will not damage road surfaces or other obstacles.
  • Less Equipment Wear and Operator Fatigue – Due to the higher vibration absorption property of polyurethane.

Polar Edge products are made with patented high performance polyurethane compounds that combine the flexibility of rubber and the strength of steel without rusting problem. Together with our patented designs, Polar Edge products provide a breakthrough in longer usage life that outlast even steel products. While providing higher operating output even at -35°F temperature. It is non-damaging to road surface and machine and gives significant lower cost of ownership and ease of maintenance.  Polar Edge products are made in a American factory with quality management registered to ISO9001. Use of a fully computerized mixing machine to gain highest performance consistency than most competitors with hand-batch operations.

Polyurethane Winter Wear Parts

Polar Edge Snow Blade
  • Longer Wear Life.
  • Highest quality with immediate availability.
  • Flexibility even at a freezing -35°F Temperature.
  • Reduce costly repairs to obstacles and road surfaces.


Rubber Blade
Rubber illo21

 Are Made With …

Performance In Mind.

  • Lower your maintenance costs significantly.
  • Protect curbs, seals, highway markings and parking lot lines.
  • Protect sensitive surfaces such as paving stones and decorative driveways.
  • Offer a quieter and more comfortable ride for the operator.
  • Protect the mounting pins and bolts of your plowing equipment.
  • Survive the toughest surfaces and debris.
  • Outperform and outlast your expectations.

The Bottom Line In Mind.

  • Are cut to 3 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot and 8-foot lengths…free of charge.
  • Are custom cut in sizes including 6″ x 1″, 8″ x 1″, 8″ x 1.5″ and 10″ x 1.5”,
    up to 12″ x 2″.
  • Purchase what you need, when you need it.
  • Replace a section for less money than an entire blade.
  • Flip our blades for twice as much plowing.
  • Convert any plow to a virtual trip edge plow,. Due to our shorter sections.

Operators And Mechanics In Mind.

  • Offer one-person installation.
  • Adjust instantly to changes in the surface.
  • Ship in pallets, which is cheap and easy.
  • Go to work quickly, with no need to “relax” inside.
  • Provide easy-alignment, because there’s no rolled rubber distortion.
  • Allow for multiple uses because of our slotted holes.