Scrap Shear Blades

Tyzack Machine Knives

Tyzack Machine Knives is one of Europe’s leading producers of through hardened slideways, hydraulic and demolition scrap shear blades. As well as guillotine shear blades, steel mill blades, liner plates and precision cutting blades used in many process industries worldwide.

Selecting the best specialist steels and applying scientifically proven heat treatment processes we deliver blades perfectly adapted for each job. As well as guaranteed quality and hardness.

The best when it comes to precision. Tyzack slideways meet the highest of tolerances required by high end, heavy duty CNC machine tools. They are the top of dimensional control and surface finish – proven in the most demanding job.

Tyzack Machine knives
Blades Manufactured Under The Ultimax Brand In “CBS” And “HA” Specifications And Recognized Universally For Toughness And Performance.
  • Leading global supplier of blades for cleaver demolition shears. Trusted by manufacturers such as Genesis attachments.
  • Blades for high volume hydraulic processing shears up to 3000 tonnes for ferrous metals and general scrap. Blades for equipment such as Copex, Harris, Henschel, Lefort, Lindemann, Vezzani etc.
  • Blades for specialist alligator shears used in the processing of stainless and exotic steels. Ficep, Fluicon, McIntyre and Peters etc.
  • Knife seats and holders.

Precision Ground Heat Treated Parts

One of the top three manufacturers in the world for commodity and specialist machine knives, Tyzack Machine Knives is a recognised global brand with extensive experience gained over 75 years. We have specialist expertise in very long heat treated and straightened components up to 5.2 m in length, which can be precision machined and ground to tolerances within 0.005 mm.

Thier customer base includes many of the world’s leading OEM’s with our Ultimax and Park brands recognized worldwide.


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