Founded In 2003, Mincon Rotacan Is The Only Company In Canada With Fully Dedicated Design And Manufacturing Abilities For Rotary Blast Hole Drill Bits And Blast Hole Drill Pipe.

Rotacan also offers a range of Top and Bit Sub Adaptors for blast hole drilling. Rotacan products are available worldwide from its head office and manufacturing facility in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Mincon Rotacan is a customer focused and customer driven business. Meeting or exceeding their customer’s needs and expectations for Quality, Production, and Delivery Commitments. A satisfied customer is the focus of ALL work done by their employees.

Their Industry

Mincon Rotacan is very proud to be a recognized supplier to the Open Pit Mining Industry. As the name implies an open pit mine is one that is “open” or exposed at ground level. Common materials accessed and extracted using open pit mining methods include gold, copper, iron, coal and diamonds. Drilling and blasting are critical components in the production process for open pit mines. Large Rotary drilling equipment turns the drill string while applying down pressure creating a hole in the rock. Mine engineers found the number and spacing of the drilled holes required for each blast. Once a pattern has been drilled, the equipment is removed from the area and the holes are loaded with explosives. Mincon Rotacan designs, manufactures, supplies and services a broad range of drilling consumables specifically for open pit mining applications. Using innovation and performance standards specifically tailored to each customer.

Drilling Solutions

Rotary Drill Bits

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