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Bruxite Wear Blocks

Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. says, when you see wear edges and bars with buckets and heavy machinery, think Bruxite. Think hard steel that works for you. Bruxite lives and dies for maximum wear time and optimal protection.

Bruxite Wear Blocks

Bruxite is manufactured by the same well-tried high-strength boron steel that Olofsfors has manufactured bucket steel from for several decades. All shaping of Bruxite edge steel and wear bars takes places in an unhardened state, which gives optimum hardness and strength right through the steel. Bruxite edge steel and wear bars satisfy high tolerance requirements as regards hardness, straightness, dimensions and surface smoothness laid down by, among other things, modern robot welding. The steel’s special alloy and Olofsfors’ hardening processes give Bruxite edge steel and wear bars excellent welding properties, hardness, depth and toughness.

BRUXITE is harder and has greater durability than 400 Brinell steel and better welding characteristics and higher crack resistance than 500 Brinell steel. Shaping the wear edge before tempering provides beveled cutting edges with maximum hardness and durability.

BRUXITE’S excellent welding characteristics also reduce the risk of cracking during repair of wear between tooth holders, which radically extends bucket lifetime before replacement of the complete cutting edge.

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