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Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. specializes in quality part Wear Solutions offering abrasion-resistant materials to prolong the life of your equipment from companies with state of the art metallurgy products.

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Bruxite Wear Blocks

Bruxite Wear Blocks
Think hard steel that works for you. Bruxite lives and dies for maximum wear time and optimal protection. Run it hard ‘n’ tough and get the job done. … Read More

Bruxite on Bucket

Bruxite Wear Edges and Profiles
When you see wear edges and bars with buckets and heavy machinery, think Bruxite. Think hard steel that works for you. Bruxite lives and dies for maximum wear time and optimal protection. … Read More


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Grizzly Bars
Grizzly Bars

CRD Grizzly Bars
Investment Protection
Standard sizes minimize customer cost vs. custom shapes.
Peaked profile offers longer wear life and greater material deflection. … Read More

Wear Buttons & Donuts

CRD Wear Buttons & Donuts
Ideal for smaller areas requiring wear resistant material.
Requires less welding time and material than conventional wear plate. … Read More

Skid Bars

CRD Skid Bars
Far superior to standard Q & T wear plates offering greater wear life.
Available in straight, herringbone or domed shapes. … Read More

Chocky Bars

CRD Chocky Bars
Most popular for replacing hard-facing and clad plate.
Available with or without a notched backing plate.
Easy to cut and shape over contoured surfaces. … Read More


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Wear Protection System protects equipment cost effectively, increasing efficiency and service life against severe wear and abrasion on equipment for mining, earth moving and related industries. … Read More

Kennametal Tri-Braze

Meets the needs of your toughest abrasion and impact resistant applications combining an engineered balance of alloying elements with controlled heat treating and extremely low sulfur for and ideal hardness. … Read More

Tricon Super C Herringbone

A chromium carbide overlay, wear-resistant plate with a mild steel base for weld-ability. Tricon’s unique cladding process produces a harder, tougher, and more wear-resistant surface making Super-C superior. … Read More

Kennametal Duracorr

A low cost, 12% chromium, dual – phase stainless steel product. Duracorr grades 50 and 300 are formable, weldable and exhibits good toughness. Described by ASTM A1010 and listed in ASTM A240. … Read More

Kennametal Tri-Braze Dura-Plus

Tri-Braze Dura-Plus
The next step in evolution of abrasion and impact resistant alloy steels. This patent pending technology provides a combination of hardness, toughness, form-ability, and wear-ability that is unavailable in any other. … Read More

Kennametal Triloy

A quenched and tempered, machine straightened, stress relieved and demagnetized alloy bar widely becoming one of the most utilized alloy steel shafting materials in the industry. … Read More