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Moley Magnetics is committed to exceeding customer needs featuring a complete inventory of Zanetti electromagnets and accessories including Conventional DC electromagnets, Hydraulic and Battery operated electromagnets. Our world class HSS Titanium Rotating and Non Rotating Mobile Hydraulic Shears are the best value in North America.

Moley Magnetics


Moley HSS Shear

HSS Titanium Shears

Features and Benefits:

Speed Valve: improves cycle time by up to 50% compared to standard hydraulic systems.
Dual Slide Pucks: maintains blades tolerances by diminishing jaw deflection
Offset Jaw Apex: improved shearing resulting from increased pressure.
360 Degree Rotation: reduced processing time through improved manipulation of tool and material.
Dual Guide Blades: fewer jams and improved piercing due to dual shim-able guide blades.
Over Sized Main Pin: over-engineered for robust performance and long life.
Bolt on Piercing Tip: bolt on and recessed into the jaw for easy, strong, positive fit.
4 Turn Reversible Blades: allows for maximum return on the cost of blades.

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