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Mantovanibenne is a dynamic industrial reality, a company specialized in the design, production and marketing of equipment for businesses operating in the earth moving and demolition-recycling sectors. Each and every model of MBI Demolition Recycling is the result of advanced technological research, which ensures high quality standards, maximum-level productivity and sturdiness, a guarantee of a safe investment over time.

Demolition Recycling

MBI Crusher CR20

Crusher CR

The CR Crusher gives the greatest efficiency and precision, thanks to the latest technological developments.
Ten years of development through experience in Mantovanibenne has produced high-performance crushers.
Only the CR2 model has a unique hydraulic cylinder.
The hydraulic rotation enables a precise and effective tool positioning: the 360° rotation can be mechanical on all range or hydraulic starting from 1450 kg models.
All models are fitted with rebar cutting blades.

MBI Combined Crusher

The ultimate tool for demolition operations involving highly-reinforced concrete buildings or even metal structures. The CC series incorporates characteristics of shears and concrete crushers to ensure the delivery of unbeatable performances even in the toughest context.

Main Features
The union of powerful cylinders and twin pin system grant an enormous breaking and cutting force. The unique design of jaws incorporates shaped shear blades, which, together with the cutting guide, gives to the CC an incredible cutting power. Interchangeable teeth and blades make maintenance operations easy and quick to keep the tool at full efficiency. The speed Valve reduces opening and closing time boosting productivity.

MBI Rotating Pulverizer RP – IT RP40

Rotating Pulverizer RP – IT

The 360° rotation makes a particularly accurate demolition tool for complete or partial building demolition.
The RP range is fitted with a power valve to give maximum power when required and increase cycle times when no load is applied.
New for this range is the tooth system in the jaw: the most robust in its class.
The plate system can be changed quickly and easily, minimizing machinery downtime, optimizing productivity.


Shear SH Eagle II

The all new EAGLE II range offer more productivity through increased power, a new jaw geometry, and all new blade designs.
All Eagle II blades can be changed quickly and easily, minimizing machinery downtime, optimizing productivity.
The EAGLE II range are all fitted with power valves to maximize cycle times and provide maximum effort when needed.

MBI Multisystem MS20R

Multisystem MS

A twin cylinder main body that can be fitted with up to 6 different jaw configurations.
The twin cylinder configuration ensures that the equipment is not only among the most powerful on the market but makes it particularly efficient on high reach demolition equipment, giving excellent visibility for the operator.
All models are equipped with speed power valves, giving the optimum cycle times, and ultimately maximum power when required.
All models have full and continuous 360° rotation, ensuring precise positioning of the equipment every time.

MBI Grapple GR1300

Grapple GR

The Grapple GR has been created for demolition work and waste sorting resulting in an efficient recycling operation. The grapples are manufactured using the most modern steels combining strength, light weight with excellent wear resistant properties. The highest quality cylinders ensure perfect and regular open close action. The 360° rotation, standard on all models, enables a precise and effective positing of the grapple. All grapples are fitted with reversible wear blades for maximum performance.

MBI PB Pile Breaker

Pile Breaker PB

The Mantovanibenne PB is powerful, accurate and, most of all, almost silent in its operation.
The modular design of the Pile Breakers enables then to be used on piles of various sizes from 300mm to 2000mm in diameter for the round piles, and 300mm to 750mm for the square piles. Providing the hydraulic flow and pressures are available, the Pile Breaker can be hung from a large variety of equipment, excavators, cranes, etc.