Greenland Resources

Small spills of Greenplus on the forest floor will be rapidly biodegraded by naturally occuring soil organisms when exposed to air, making this an important product for helping protect the environment.

Chain Saw Bar Oil

Greenplus Chain Saw-Bar Oil ES has excellent lubricating properties, often reducing consumption of oil by 50% when compared to petroleum based oil. Greenplus Chain Saw-Bar Oil ES significantly reduces operator health hazards associated with the use of mineral oil, such as skin, eye and lung irritations. Greenplus Chain Saw-Bar Oil ES is not just rapidly biodegradable, operator friendly and made from renewable resources but is environmentally safe.Greenplus Chain Saw-Bar Oil ES will reduce oil consumption during operations because it has the ability to adhere to metal and to itself. Less oil is thrown off moving parts, Greenplus stays on the part and continues to lubricate.

Greenplus Chain Saw Bar Oil ES

  • is designed for high speed chain saws where extreme pressure and temperatures exist.
  • has excellent lubricating properties to extend chain life.
  • reduces power requirement during cutting by reducing friction.
  • gives a lower bar tip temperature
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