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For over two decades, U.S. Manufacturing, Inc. has developed, designed, manufactured and distributed innovative equipment for the entire solid waste and recycling industry. USM is widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of the longest lasting and most efficient hammer mill components available for both Original Equipment Manufacturers and after market replacement parts.

USM Equalizer Tips


USM E-tip Closeup

USM Wear Technologies is proud to introduce our new line of replacement tips for use in tub grinders and horizontal feed machines. The new line appropriately named the “Equalizer or E-tip” is like nothing the market has seen to this date. Our product development team has re-engineered our new weld matrix so that it enhances the direct areas of wear. By strategically manipulating the matrix of the Tungsten carbide weld, the “E-tip” has been proven in most commercial testing to last just as long as a traditional “12-weld” pattern tip at a significantly lower price. This makes our new line of “E-tips” the best value on the market today!

USM Grinding Tips

For extreme duty grinding the “E-Max-Life” (E-MX) tip is available. The “E-tip” and “E-Max-Life” tips are available in all shapes and sizes to fit most grinding applications. You be the judge. Try the “Etip” or “E-Max-Life tip” and see for yourself the value you can bring to your grinding operation.

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